China; 20, January 2015: To maintain hygiene and cleanliness everywhere generally people prefer light and soft paper towels. As such the industry of paper towels manufacturing units is expanding in China. Vision Paper Towel CO, LTD is emerging as the top producer of paper towels in China. Vision Towel CO, LTD produces paper towels of various shapes and sizes. Besides, it produces paper napkins and toilet papers. These paper towels produced in the Vision Towel CO, LTD are mainly available in three types which include multifold paper towelscenter pull paper towels and c fold paper towels. All these paper towels are available in different price ranges. These paper towels are specialised in cleaning a particular type of stain and spill. 

Multi-fold paper towels of the company are available in many models. Each of these models has different paper towel contents. Multi-fold paper towels are mainly prepared by using strong wet absorbent papers with chemical processing. Multi-fold paper towels are mainly used in restaurants, coffee shops and in many food corners. These paper towels can easily clean any food spills and stains on the table. It clean in such fashion that it is very hard to find any stain on the table. The available models of this product include the recycled kraft multi-fold paper towels, recycled white multi-fold paper towels and virgin multi-fold paper towels. All these products are available in different model code numbers. All these products are pure and very strong in removal of any kind of stains and spills. The multi-fold paper towels mainly contain recycled paper absorbent. 

Center pull paper towels of Vision Towel CO, LTD are very useful for removing any organic spills in the buttock region of our body. Besides, centre pull paper towels are used in cleaning dining tables and food stains left in tables. These centre pull paper towels are available in various shapes and sizes. The most common model of the product include centre pull paper towels virgin. This model is available in many model code numbers. Another model of this product is centre pull paper towels recycled white. Center pull paper towels virgin overall contains 660 sheets. The main material used is pure virgin paper absorbent. Virgin pulp is added with papers to prepare the product. The virgin fibre in the product makes it quite unbreakable. 

Fold paper towels are used in household purposes. Fold paper towels are needed to clean up any household organic mess. This paper towel is used to clean and cover our nose during cold and cough. This paper towel is environment friendly and is applicable in offices, schools and other social gatherings. The models of this product include recycled white fold paper and recycled kraft fold paper. 

About Vision Paper Towel CO, LTD: 

Vision Paper Towel CO, LTD is a Chinese towel paper manufacturing unit. The Company will soon become the largest producer and exporter of paper towel products all over the world. The office of Vision Paper Towel CO, LTD is located in Zhongtang town of China. 

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