A trip to Amalfi Coast, Italy is a unique and memorable experience; travelers choose this wonderful location to enjoy the beautiful scenery, the beaches, the gardens, the architecture, the culture. Ravello is a small town situated at 5 km for Amalfi that hosts the famous revello music festival since 1953. Tourists come here for the annual music concerts, but also for its luxury hotels with panoramic views. Even more than that, couples opt for this stunning place to get married; weddings in ravello are romantic, unforgettable, special events.

There are so many great things to do and places to visit in Ravello, that there is no wonder why so many people from all around the world spend their vacations here. The Ravello Church with its museum, the Villa Rufolo and Villa Cimbrone, the quiet streets and the nearby towns, they all create a magical place where visitors can relax and simply enjoy life. Those who are looking for a charming resort should consider Revello.


Besides its amazing, dizzying landscape, this popular tourist destination attracts so many visitors with one of the oldest festivals in Italy — the ravello music festival. The musical performances are held on an impressive stage built out over the sea. The panoramic terrace of Villa Rufolo with its dramatic view over the sea it’s the perfect setting for hosting reputable symphony orchestras and some of the best composers, jazz players, opera singers, dancers or actors in the world.

Even if they are not really classical music lovers, people should not hesitate to come to this festival and enjoy the beauty of the landscape, the art and music. They will fall in love with the breathtaking stage, the artists, the orchestra, the wonderful and peaceful atmosphere in Ravello. This magical place is suitable for relaxing vacations, romantic getaways, wedding receptions and ceremonies.

If you’re planning to get married and you’re looking for the perfect region, this historical romantic town could be the right one for your tastes. Go online, type “weddings in ravello” and find out what others have to say about this specific subject. A wedding in Ravello it’s definitely a pleasant event, but look for wedding testimonials and pictures to gain valuable insights. As long as you have internet connection and some spare time you can get answers to your questions and all the extra details that you need to make a smart decision.


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Ravello is undoubtedly a beautiful place, one of Europe’s top tourist attractions, check our website and book accommodation today. We guarantee that you will have a blast, visit us in the summer and enjoy your time at the famous ravello music festival. Couples can plan romantic weddings in ravello, the wonderful scenery and the magnificent gardens will make their big day a really special, unforgettable day.