Schwangau, Germany — Every year thousands of tourists visit Hohenschwangau Castle located in the charming town of Schwangau, Germany. The castle boasts a royal heritage, and embodies the tradition and culture of the German people.

This castle was built on the ruins of a 12th century fortress called Schwanstein, and was home to King Maximilian II. It was also the home of King Ludwig II when he was a child. King Ludwig II is one of the most intriguing figures in German history. He is often times referred to as the “Mad King”, and his death is shrouded in mystery.

The English translation of the castle’s name means “High Swan Palace”. The castle was built on a hilltop, and is surrounded by walls and a lush forest. The castle was built with a high level of craftsmanship, and its towers are some of the most impressive of any castle in Germany.

Guided tours are available for this castle and other local attractions. Tours are provided in English and German. Other languages are available through audio recording. These tours are informative, and give visitors extensive historical background on attractions. Package deals are available for multiple sites. High visitor rates in the summer necessitate reservations.

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Take a guided tour of this castle to see the home of King Maximilian II, and learn about the history of the region. Make reservations for tickets today.

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