In accordance to dot drug testing and faa drug testing regulations which mandates checks for its employees, the “new era drug testing” is a company designed to run these tests for you. With many facilities put in place to ensure confidentiality is top notched, your results and other confidential details can be reviewed by you alone.

The secretary on national and international drug testing and control issues advised by the office of drug and alcohol policy on compliance of rules related to alcohol and drug testing for almost all transportation employees in the aviation, rail, trucking, pipeline, mass transit and other transportation industries. In order to guide these employees, the office laid down regulations and interprets drug and alcohol testing starting from how the tests are conducted and the treatment procedures required for re-instating employees to their various duty post after testing violations.


With the above regulations in place, “new era drug testing” is committed to conducting accurate and private dot drug testing and faa drug testing for employees. Also, they specialize in assisting other logistics related companies produce alcohol and drug misuse programs which meets all federal regulated guidelines. Some of these services are testing solutions to detect drugs and alcohols, preparatory analysis, random testing management, review of medical officer reports, assisting on audits/reports, assisting litigation, training programs and many more. As an employer in the transportation industry, dot drug testing and faa drug testing is required to confirm non-usage of drugs and alcohols. Chief Officers conduct an alcohol and drug misuse program, information session on the policies of the company , offer third party trainings on domain expertise of anti-drug measures, feasible testing measures of pre and post work drug detections, enable highest security of test reports, exhibiting in external audits and getting certified .


 “New era drug testing” is available to facilitate all employers coordinate and conduct a successful anti-drug program. With the present class of doctors and consultants, you are assured of easy and accurate test and advise to help comply with regulations. If you wonder why the need for a drug and alcohol misuse program, here is the reason. Approximately 23 million American citizens suffer from alcohol and drug abuse with about 70% of these users being employed therefore, the drug and alcohol misuse program is just ideal to help employee’s keep the customers secured by creating a clean drug and alcohol-free environment. Another thing about this program is that it helps save ones money considering the cost of purchasing these drugs down to curbing the aftermath of them which might include addictions and diseases. If an employer can get his/her employees tested regularly then he is sure of reduction of dangers to property, improved moral, increase productivity and many other positive outcome. With all these in place, there would be a higher degree of safety and efficiency in the transportation sector.


With New era expert consultants, you company is sure to comply with faa drug testing and dot drug testing regulations fully.