Orlando, FL— October 20, 2015 — Today, fish oil supplements are gaining the trust and appreciation of many people around the globe. Fish oil is popularized by the powerful therapeutic ingredient it contains, namely the omega-3 fatty acids. Today, these supplements are widely available in the market, and their popularity continues to increase.

VitaBreeze Triple Strength Omega-3 Fish Oil supplements are among the Amazon bestseller list. According to VitaBreeze Supplements spokesperson, Michelle O’Sullivan, the company has succeeded in being one of the top choices of consumers after it launched its fish oil supplements. She also added that the sales have outperformed their expectations.

There are many fish oil supplements available nowadays, and VitaBreeze is one of the few companies that has gained a reputation both for exceptional customer service and quality products. The company is continually working hard to ensure that the customers are happy with the benefits offered by their product.

This reputable company offers various wellness products, including its fish oil supplements, which contain the most powerful formula available in the market today. Its philosophy is to produce and offer wellness products that provide customers with their money’s worth. To the company’s surprise, many customers have expressed their satisfaction for using VitaBreeze’s products, especially its fish oil supplements.

“We were very confident that our VitaBreeze Triple Strength Omega-3 Fish Oil supplements would compete in the market. What we didn’t expect was the level of acceptance and satisfaction that our customers have towards our product,” added O’Sullivan.

The VitaBreeze Triple Strength Omega-3 Fish Oil supplement's special feature is its content of omega-3-fatty acids, which is 1,400mgs. The product contains 800mgs of EPA and 600mgs of DHA, which are believed to be significantly helpful for the immune system as well as the health of the heart and brain. Another amazing feature of the product is that its gel capsules have enteric coating. The enteric coating takes care of eliminating the fishy aftertaste that is common in many fish oil supplements. The coating also enhances absorption and makes sure that the nutrients are delivered efficiently in the gastrointestinal tract.

One of the best things about the company’s fish oil supplement is that it doesn’t contain binders, fillers, GMOs, common allergens, and artificial ingredients. Its capsules have also been evaluated by a third-party laboratory to guarantee quality and safety.  The company also uses a complex molecular distillation process that eliminates heavy metals such as mercury, PCBs, toxins and other environmental pollutants (http://www.amazon.com/Omega-Fish-Oil-Supplement-Softgels/dp/B00O8NS20K/).
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