For all those who have been looking for a great application to play VOB files on mobile devices, good news arrives in the form of a brand new VOB Player . The application releases users from the pain of converting VOB to other formats for making them playable on portable stuff.  It is further equipped to excel in VOB file playing like none other with one simple download.

“The program is powerful”, the makers confirm, “but its excellence does not crop up from complicated features”. The simplistically designed interface closely seconds that as all of the functions/options included herein are arranged in a streamlined manner and there’s no scope for the user to get confused at any point. In fact, even if an intricate function has been incorporated somewhere, it has been simplified to such an extent that the same has become straightforward at the end. What’s more, so that users can manage everything with ease, all important aspects including menus, sub-titles etc. have been packed together within one bracket.

VOB playback quality here is excellent. Configurable parameters include settings related to volume, sub-titles etc. Installation is smooth and quick too, thanks to the software’s clean form and lightweight size. It’s also a great utility to view VOB files without modifying the contents of every DVD folder that one wishes to run on a device.

“This app will put an end to all challenges related to VOB file playing on portable devices…we guarantee that, as only the most functional and the best of features have been put in here for uninterrupted playback advantage”, confirms an official from the developer’ firm.

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About VOB Player

The VOB Player, is a great application to play VOB movies on mobile devices. The VOB Player is available for free download and installation.

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