Voicewish, the no.1 online market place for talented voice over artists, is expanding its services by introducing innovative voice over solutions for e-learning videos. Voicewish strengthens its commitment for high quality service to all its individual and company partners.

The largest voice over company in the world, Voicewish, is set to raise the bar once again with the introduction of voice over for e-learning.  The company is always on the viewpoint to find new trends in the market, so they can serve their customers better along with their changing needs.  This is a sturdy response to the growing demands of educational institutions, corporations, and organizations for high quality voice over for e-learning.

Starting at $100, Voicewish offers affordable and cost-effective voice over rates for e-learning.  In addition to this introductory offer, customers can instantly avail huge discounts and amazing offers for bulk orders, repeat customers, and even referrals.

E-learning voice over rates have increased dramatically in recent years.  There are few voice over agencies who provide budget-friendly rates when it comes to their services.  It’s good to know that we can rely on Voicewish for affordable voice over services without compromising high level of work,” enthused Sarah Myers, a brand consultant.

This new offering from Voicewish is designed to meet customer satisfaction. “We’ve been with Voicewish for a long time and we constantly use their voice over services.  This new addition to their voice over services will surely be a big hit as well,” said Margaret Thompson, a long-time client of Voicewish.

With the advent of mobile devices, people spend more and more time watching videos online.  As such, e-learning industry has to adapt with this changing habits of the learner.  And based on a recent study, e-learning videos tend to stimulate the brain better compared to traditional way of learning.

Voicewish strives harder to meet the high demand for talented and proficient voice over artists.  As such, the company relies on a vast network of male and female voice over artist with different voice styles, tone, quality, and natural fluency.

“Voicewish’s network of premium and high-end voice artists are ready to take the job even at a short notice.  This is essential to the success of our business especially when we have time-sensitive deadlines,” said John Austin, a Marketing Manager for a training facility. “Whatever we need, from corporate videos to e-learning materials, Voicewish is always available round the clock,” he added.

Voicewish caters to the need for topnotch voice over for e-learning covering more than 100 dialects and languages across the globe.  In addition to this multi-lingual approach, the company efficiently handles high volume of orders with provision for rush and super rush turnarounds.

Another added bonus feature is the e-learning voice over demo.  Customers can experience for themselves the high quality of service that Voicewish provides.

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