London, United Kingdom, December 17, 2013: Hailing from all over the world, each musician that is part of the collective group Vortex Ascent provides not only their personalized brand of musicianship, but their own songs as well. Each album produced by Vortex Ascent gives listeners a glimpse into a sonic landscape that is musically diverse but also covers a variety of social themes and political elements including mass mind control, or the effects of war. 

Without alienating listeners, Vortex Ascent provides a brand of music that pushes the envelope of experimentation that continues to evolve. Crisp songwriting backed by a cluster of cohesive instrumentals is a living testament to the talent of each individual musician within the collective and showcases their ability to span countless genres with ease. With true artistic diversity, their recent album stems from artists with vastly divergent backgrounds. 

Their 2013, “Shine a Light” was recorded with the help of Andy Rugg, formerly on the engineering team of the band Coldplay. It features input from the likes of musician and producer Paddy Bush, brother of renowned UK artist Kate Bush and also, from the co-author of Trance Formation of America, Cathy O’Brien. The 45-minute album is a collage of songs that run the gamut of emotion through vocal and musical styles that highlight each individual artist’s origin and talents, which at times comes close to inducing sensory overload. 

Recorded in studios across the globe, “Shine a Light” utilizes influence from different cultures as well as different recording tools and styles. Reminiscent of legendary lo-fi indie artists including Elliot Smith, Radiohead, and Badly Drawn Boy, their track titled “For What It’s Worth” is already a hit. “Shine a Light” is currently only available on the band’s official Bandcamp site (, and Vortex Ascent is currently extending the reach of their influence via YouTube through their new video available at (Preview) As a whole, Vortex Ascent’s “Shine a Light” is a mature mixture of worldly talent that combines a variety of genres seamlessly. Ranging from dark and broody, to upbeat and pop styles, the album touches on a plethora of social issues. Building on the momentum of their previous exceptionally divergent releases, Vortex Ascent is one of the indie outfits to keep an eye on. For more information, visit their official website at . 

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