Cambridge, Massachusetts; 11, July 2015: launched today, offering users the world’s first localized VPN speed testing tool. A commercial spin off from an MIT undergraduate thesis project, allows users to compare VPN providers for relative speed in real time from a specific location. The technology uses a combination of “robot” software elements and proprietary speed testing algorithms to determine the fastest VPN available at any given moment.

“Everyone says they have the fastest VPN, but how do you really know who is fastest at that moment, in your location?” said Sam “And, do you really think you have objective information? That’s the problem we’re solving with”

VPNify’s multiple intelligent software robots check the Internet speeds of different VPN providers at their VPN servers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Every robot updates speed results to a centralized database. A machine learning algorithm cleans the data and publishes accurate, up-to-the minute speed data to a Web server. Users can see VPN speeds on the site in real time.

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