VPSServer.com, a cloud-computing company launched in 2016 by Global Cloud Infrastructure, announces that they are expecting significant growth throughout 2017 on the back of the massive growth analysts are expecting for the industry as a whole over the coming years. Founded in 2015 and based in the United States and Europe, Global Cloud Infrastructure launched the VPSServer.com product in 2016 based on the over 15 years of experience the organization’s team has accumulated in the field of cloud computing. Server hardware today is becoming so powerful that it has become both feasible and economical to rent out just a small portion of a server’s capacity, rather than the whole physical server itself.

A virtual private server can start at just five dollars per month and can be scaled to accurately meet the specific needs of the customer. Robert Bolder CEO of VPSServer, said: “Three-way storage replication is enabled on our cloud hosting platform, which means that our virtual private servers are stored on three different servers at the same time. This is much safer than the approach taken by most of our competitors, who work with a single RAID system stored on just one hosting server.” The first datacenter that VPSServer used to deploy cloud servers was located in Miami, Florida (USA). As a sort of hub to the Americas and beyond, Miami is ideally located to serve the growing demands of multiple markets. In order to minimize latency (i.e. the amount of time it takes for a packet of data to travel from the user’s computer to the datacenter and back again), customers have a preference for cloud servers that are closer to their actual location, as latency is directly related to how close the remote server is.

In response to this need, VPSServer expanded its platform in January 2017 to seven more datacenters based in both the United States and Europe. Erik Jan Visscher, CTO of VPSServer, said: “Recently, we conducted some benchmark testing and saw amazing results. To test the server performance, we are using an independent benchmark tool called Serverscope.io. With our high-end processors and fully equipped SSD storage, our VPS’s are outperforming all of our competition.” Recently, Global Cloud Infrastructure closed a series

A round of funding with a veteran investor. With this second round of funding completed, the investment will ensure that Global Cloud Infrastructure can continue to grow at its current pace while maintaining the same standards of product quality. About Global Cloud Infrastructure Global Cloud Infrastructure (VPSserver.com), a cloud-server company founded in 2015 and with a presence in both the United States and Europe, is specialized in the provision of virtual private servers. VPSserver.com has more than 15 years of experience in the cloud computing industry, and with the organization’s worldwide datacenters, high-end processors, and fully equipped SSD storage, VPSserver.com is outperforming all of its competitors.

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