A new 10% discount off all designer dog collars from Wagologie is now being offered to the general public simply by using GOOGLE10 during checkout. Wagologie is an online dog boutique that offers custom-made, high quality dog collars, leashes and dog accessories as well. With an emphasis on high quality and style, Wagologie has become one of the more successful online dog boutiques on the web today.

The designer dog collars and pink dog collars offered by Wagologie come in a great variety of styles that can be purchased from their online store. The collars are fashioned from high quality materials such as nylon and feature a remarkable number of patterns. Each of the dog collars are handmade when ordered and shipped in a two-week time period. The collars also feature a clasping ring for leashes which is designed for easy attachment.

The leashes provided by Wagologie are also created from high quality materials such as nylon and feature a number of different designs. The leashes are designed to be highly durable and have a quick-release clasp that will attach to the ring on the dog collar, making it easy to attach and un-attach the leash.

The dog accessories from Wagologie are simple, yet strikingly colorful designs that are mostly made for the dog collars. Many of the accessories are flower designs woven from fabrics that are colorful, yet highly durable and will last for years. To use the 10% discount being offered by Wagologie on their products, simply visit their Etsy store and use GOOGLE10 during checkout.

Lauren Schmitt
Aliso Viejo, CA, USA
[email protected]