Vermont Urgent Care is dedicated to making its service accessible to all people in need of care, regardless of financial resources. In continuing with their commitment, the walk-in clinic Los Angelesis now accepting insurance and cash payments from patients. Furthermore, to ameliorate the stress involved in medical care visits, Vermont Urgent Care is now offering a Walk-In clinic with a helpful and a considerate staff, and a highly qualified team of medical professionals.

The Los Angeles walk-in clinicoffers an alternative to the extended wait times and expensive cost of emergency rooms. For people with non-life threatening situations that nonetheless require immediate medical attention, Vermont Urgent Care offers a feasible alternative to emergency rooms. Furthermore, the facility is specifically designed to create a sense of calm and relaxation that is critical at a time when patient anxiety is potentially at its highest.

Emergency Rooms utilize a protocol for patient admittance which gives priority to patients with the most life threatening conditions to be seen first by a physician. For people with non-life threatening afflictions, this protocol can translate into extended wait times, as patients are admitted before you based on the criteria of the severity of the situation. This protocol can translate into a frustrating situation of being repeatedly bypassed, as you sit in a crowded and uncomfortable wait-room, waiting for service. The walk-in clinic Los Angeles( bypasses this protocol.

Vermont Urgent Care is not an emergency room, and thus does not prescribe to emergency room protocol.  As a result, the types of delays typical of an emergency room do not occur at Vermont Urgent Care. The Los Angeles walk-in clinicis specifically designed for patients whose situations are not life threatening, but who nonetheless require immediate attention. Furthermore, Vermont Urgent Care services are offered at a fraction of the price of emergency room visits.

To learn more about Vermont Urgent Care insurance and cash payments, please contact Vermont Urgent Care at(213) 386-2511.

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