If you are living in Dubai, you can consider yourself an inhabitant of the one of the most advanced and prosperous cities of the world. Despite being in the Middle East, Dubai is no less than a developed European or American city and this modernization can be seen in every aspect of life in this city. Wall decals and stickers that emanated from Europe and America have now become very popular in this modern city of the UAE, where it has become not just a way to liven up the interiors of homes, but also used to express Islamic art Dubai.


No need of continuing with plain and drab walls

Though plain painted walls have a charm of their own, people get bored of them very soon in their life and start getting the feeling that something is amiss. This something is the liveliness in the walls. If you have tried wallpapers, you know how expensive they can be. Also, the process of pasting it on the walls is not easy and you need to hire the services of a professional to get it done. This is where wall decals and stickers come handy. These vinyl based stickers are available in all sizes and designs and have a sticky side that you have to press over the portion of a wall in one direction to stick them.


Scores of themes to match the requirements of the interiors

The world of wall decals and stickers is fascinating to say the least. There are countless themes and patterns to choose from and you have no dearth of variety, if you are looking for wall decals and stickers for a particular room inside your home. Cartoon characters, fairy tale characters, characters from Disney World like Mickey and Minnie mouse etc. are available these days. You have a wide variety of stickers to choose from, if you are looking for stickers to be used in your kids’ room. The wall decals meant for use in the kid’s rooms are bright and interestingly shaped to enliven their rooms. This enhances the beauty of every event in his or her life, like his birthday. Children like to show off, it’s but natural. So on their birthday, they’ll be proud to show off their rooms to their friends, if you use these kinds of stickers in their rooms.


When it comes to the living room, most people want to choose a sticker or decal that is not just attractive to look at, but also very impressive. Living room is the first room to which your guests enter; some guests may not even come to the other rooms. So choose stickers for your living room very wisely. Islamic art Dubai gives people a good theme to not only make their living rooms come alive, but also impress their visitors with the stunning beauty of these designs. Islamic art Dubai consists of creations of renowned artists and is so beautiful that it gives an impression of having been painted right on the walls of the living room.


More and more homeowners and store owners in Dubai are choosing wall decals and stickers to decorate their plain walls. These stickers not only enliven the interiors, but also catch the attention of the visitors. Among various designs that are dominating in these stickers, are the ones inspired by Islamic art Dubai.


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