Ever dreamed of a Aspen or Alps chalet style in your house? Wall supply proudly announces a new wonderful and unique product to its collection:

Ultra Wood 3d wall panel. It creates a warm, relax, harmonic, and authentic look in your house.

Ultra wood is made of highest quality of European beech wood and it’s made of 100% natural materials. The 3d panels have a smooth and sleek surface, so no more splinters. Furthermore, these amazing panels offer so much more; it adapts to its natural situation and it’s creates pleasant warmth, rich and a cosy atmosphere.

A pleasant detail is, it only weights 4.2 kilos per square meter and the installation of these 3d panels is very user friendly. Therefor already recommended and used by various international well-known architects, designers and remodelers.
Ultra Wood is suitable for almost every wall surface. It will be an original, extraordinary and authentic focal point.Beside the various patterns in the panel, it will also create a natural shadow & light effect and blend in with the various interior colours.

So, for an authentic, relaxing and original look at home, or even better summarised: Get the chalet Aspen or Alps style in your house.Ultra wood is the best and unique option out there. It is everything but ordinary!

Explore the possibilities and check the new Website for further information and impressions: http://www.wallsupply.com/ Currently looking for distributors. If interested; please contact for more information: mail to: [email protected]