26, October 2015: Halloween is coming, folks! And it’s not just about ghosts and skeletons, but also about yummy pumpkins! Therefore, our first Halloween related event was related to pumpkins.

What would happen in Wartune on Halloween?

This year, Wartune’s Halloween events started on October 19thon our Facebook Fan page. We first asked our players to share some of their photos of decorated pumpkins.


Many players have actively taken part in this event and shared their pumpkin pictures with us! Let’s check some of their excellent works.





Wait! Are you a pumpkin?

We know you were all waiting for the Wartune’s Halloween events and couldn’t wait to join them. Unfortunately, that event is already over, but hey! Halloween is on its way! So what are you waiting for? Hurry and decorate your home to celebrate Halloween and share photos with the Wartune community! Have fun!

A Review of Wartune’s New Eudaemon PS Event

This October, a new Eudaemon joined the Eudaemon family: Blood Warrior. Since he’s new around here, he really wanted to come join our Halloween Party, but the designer was too busy to prepare him a costume. Luckily, our enthusiastic Wartune players have designed over a hundred Halloween costumes for him within several days.


Now let’s review some of those wonderful works!


Our players are really creative and talented. Enduaemon Blood Warrior is sure to attract considerable attention at the Wartune Halloween Party this year!

What is Wartune?

Wartune game is a 2.5D real-time RPG + Strategic browser game. The game uses 3D render 2D technology so the players can enjoy the maximum visual experience. At the beginning, players will focus on developing their castle and finishing challenging quests. As the story unfolds, they will face monsters from the pits of hell itself. At which point they will need to recruit troops and allies. The road is long, but the reward is your Kingdom!

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