New Delhi, India ,29, October 2016: There are a number of hotels, restaurants and other facilities where bulk and commercial dishwashing is important to maintain the required hygiene and cleanliness. Washmatic India specializes in designing a variety of commercial dishwashing machines that are perfect for the commercial and industrial facilities. These machines are available in different designs and models and can wash dishes in bulk.

The company has a significant dishwashing machine range that commercial clients can choose for their setups. These machines can easily be installed and can be set to clean dishes at different speeds. According to the spokesperson of the company, these machines can be effective in maintaining the cleanliness of dishes for a commercial setup to supply quality and hygienic food items to their customers. A client can choose different types of dishwashers, such as glasswashers, undercounter type dishwashers, hood type dishwashers, rack conveyor type dishwashers, rackless belt conveyor type dishwashers, crate washers, polycord conveyors and others.

The company spokesperson reveals that they specialize in undercounter dishwasher, and have a variety of models to choose from. Fitted with a deep drawn wash tank made of stainless steel, these machines can easily clean dishes for maintaining the best level of hygiene. Without any welding joints, the tanks are seamless to maintain a flawless water flow. Indigenously designed the machines are fitted with high quality components that ensure the best and long-lasting performance. For deep cleaning, the machines can perform cleaning and rising at a high temperature. The effective cleaning process not only cleans all the residues, but also removes germs and bacteria, which is always present.

Commercial clients can also choose from Washmatic’s impressive rack conveyor dishwasher range. These dishwashers have been designed for the Indian working conditions and can effectively clean oil and grease that are extensively used in Indian cooking. With automatic functions, the dishwashers will choose the best temperature for an effective cleaning of oil or residue and cleaning is performed in an automated environment, ensuring an effortless and best cleaning.

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About Washmatic India

Washmatic India is focused on providing end to end ware washing solutions to all establishments which serve food and beverages. The company manufactures dishwashers, accessories and crate washers which are marketed through their countrywide sales network consisting of a number of offices and distributors. The Group of Companies is also engaged in providing solutions to hospitality segment in the area of food & beverage production as well as service.

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