The Internet is flooded with cheap imitation rife machines. What to watch out for.


New Lenox, Il, 9/24/2015 — According to James Matthew of Miracle Alternatives LLC. There are a lot of cheap imitations rife machines being sold on the Internet. It is very easy to identify them. It's simple according to James. If the machine is digital, meaning uses a computer it is cheaply and inaccurate. The original Rife Machine that was invented around 1931 of course was not digital that technology did not exist then. In order to have a quality accurate rife machine it must be analog.
A lot of the cheap imitations of the Rife machine use digital instead of analog technology. In many applications. However, in a frequency healing device, trying to simulate the minor variations of electromagnetic signals isn’t possible, unless the digital device uses very complex hardware and computer programs. In addition, it is nearly impossible to digitally create the perfectly smooth gradients of tuning that are inherent in an analog device. Plus, it takes a lot of computer power and memory to digitally create the organic electromagnetic waves that are generated from an analog device.

James goes on to explain other reasons why so many cheap imitations computerized rife machines are being sold on the market. As James puts it, it is just easier for the company that is making the digital rife machine to purchase already pre-made circuit boards advertise 100s or even 1, 000's of different frequency selections thus making it more appealing to the buyer. Whereas the truth is the user is playing with fire. Who ever created that machine and frequency choices cannot accurately know which frequency is correct for the condition being treated, such as cancer?
Unlike so many digital and computerized rife machines Miracle Alternatives LLC. It sells a rife machine in which is 100% analog and sends out trillions of rife frequencies. This way whatever  frequency your body needs in order to possibly heal the condition the machine is sending out every single frequency possible.

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Therefore, if you are in the market for an actual accurate rife machine which is built to the best possible specifications as the original rife machine that was introduced in 1931 and actually proved it healed cancer, then takes a look at the Miracle Rife Machine.

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