Before purchasing a water softener, most people use independent review websites. Unbiased opinions can help them make a useful choice and right decision. Clear water is vital for the health. But it is not reasonable to run to the shop and purchase the first available system. Before buying a device, it is recommended to investigate in detail what you need for health drinking. Otherwise, there is a risk of spending a lot of money on a useless thing which can even be harmful to the health. That is why water softener reviews are important for everyone who is looking for the right option. 

This website provides water softener ratings and full information about different types of softeners: magnetic, ion exchange, salt free and reverse osmosis. A salt-free system tends to be the most popular among customers. It works with the help of filters and doesn’t require potassium or salt. It is a perfect solution for those who stick on a low sodium diet. Although, some people point out that traditional items work better, especially if the water is very hard. Apart from salt-free devices, magnetic softeners have also a lot of positive feedback. They operate with the use of magnetic field which alters the water. However, the problem is that water will become hard again within 48 hours after passing through the magnetic field. In contrast to them, reverse osmosis system uses pressure to remove up to 98% of scale through a semi-permeable membrane. Though, it will also remove nutrients and minerals at the same time. 

The water softener comparison and average customer rating allow getting complete information about each device. It would be useful for everyone to get to know the list of top brands chosen by consumers. Today the most popular devices are Tapworks AD, Culligan, Kinetico 2020, The Pelican PSE1800, Soo-Soft digital water treatment system, and others. Every registered user can leave feedback and let other people know about his/her experience. 

Indeed, it’s a difficult issue to choose the right softener, as each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. Water softener reviews allow consumers to evaluate each option correctly and weigh all pros and cons. 

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