A film that you want to use in order to change the looks of an item works a lot better when you use a water transfer printing activator. There are a lot of advantages you will be able to make the most of when you are using a product like this and you can be sure the experience will be a lot better as well as the results once you will see the perks.


First of all, the performance you will get out of a film when you dip it in water is limited. The material may react to it and it will be able to stick to certain products, but it will be able to do a lot better with a little help. A hydrographics activator is going to make the performance of the film a lot better and the outcome will improve as a result of this.


The viscosity of the film is one of the first things you need to worry about since this is one of the aspects that will help it adhere to other surfaces a lot better. The more viscose it is, the better you will be able to work with it and if you will use a hydrographics activator, you will be able to increase the viscosity of the film by more than 40%.


The time you have at hand in order to work with a film once it is in the water is not long enough and it happens quite often to ruin a film because you are not very fast. If you will use the right hydrographics activator, the time the film will stay active will also be increase by more than 40%. Thus you will not have to do things in a hurry anymore.


One of the things you have to check when you want to buy water transfer printing activator is the compatibility with the products you are using. Not all films are the same and this is why you have to be sure you use an activator that works with it. The best option you have at hand is to find the one that works with all the films on the market.


The efficiency of the water transfer printing activator is also one of the things you need to think about when you buy it. If you want to be sure you will not waste your money, you must use a product that will last for the application of a lot of film as well. The more it will last, the surer you will be that you will get your money’s worth as well.


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