05, December 2014: Freddie and Sebbie has passed yet another milestone on Amazon by recently passing their 75 5-star ratings goal for a checkered design outdoor blanket, seen by Amazon customers as very simple to fold and who just love the very soft leather carrying handle. Many people have actually commented that it is perfect for the beach, travel, animals or more typically as an Outdoor Picnic Blanket.

Outdoor Blanket

Eric Romaine from California says he owns a number of picnic blankets, and includes… “This blanket is by far my preferred for a number of reasons. Initially, the handle system is in fact removable, whereas my other blankets have got the straps and handle incorporated right into the blanket, which is rather frustrating as someone has actually got to sit on them, which is incredibly uncomfortable. The Freddie and Sebbie Outdoor Blanket also wins by its sheer size. The majority of picnic blankets are measuring 50 x 60, but this one is can be expanded to an amazing 55 x 78, a lot more space for the family to spread out on.”

Freddie and Sebbieâ„¢

He also stated that the fleece top is nice and soft, feeling fantastic on his skin, and confirms that the base is 100 % waterproof and it doesn’t let any dampness in. He added… “The water resistant blanket is perfect for my boy’s morning soccer training, when the grass still has a heavy dew, and finally it actually does look amazing, with the colors, pattern, and leather handle all combining to make this Luxury Outdoor Blanket really attract attention.”

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Another satisfied customer who offered a 5-star score says… “I was even sent a personal e-mail to validate shipping, so I felt like I had actually received an individual touch right from the start to the very end. The blanket is precisely as explained on Amazon, however better than I had actually expected. This larger sized blanket is big enough for 4 people to sit down on, something I can only refer to as soft material. The blanket backing is 100 % water resistant, and folds in 1/4 of the width. When rolled up tight, the product has about a 5″ diameter by 12″ long, so pretty easy to store.”

Company representative Neil Speight said… “The Freddie and Sebbie Waterproof Outdoor Blanket won’t rip or tear like other more affordable ones seen on the market, even so, the blanket still includes a lifetime replacement guarantee. The blanket was designed as a product for the whole family, and many customers have reported back saying that the blanket is also ideal for their pets too. One validated customer called Adam just recently said that his outdoor blanket was terrific for baseball games, parks, and outdoor shows. With so much adaptability, it won’t shock me in the slightest if we do exceed our next milestone of 100 5-star scores before Christmas for the Luxury Outdoor Blanket by Freddie and Sebbie.”

The luxury outdoor blanket by Freddie and Sebbie is only sold on Amazon, where ratings of (happy) client product testimonials can be seen. http://www.amazon.com/Outdoor-Blanket-Chequered-Guaranteed-Guarantee/dp/B00CLAZLN8/

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