West University is a small city situated in Houston Metropolitan Area. The city, often dubbed as West U by locals, is by nature a bedroom suburb having a population of more or less 15,000. West University homes for sale can now be found in online directories quite easily. The city is bordered by Houston, Bellaire, and Southside. West U is an upscale greater Houston bedroom community where you can find good neighbours, schools and hospitals in the vicinity, among many other things that facilitate a good living. If you are looking for West University houses for sale Houston at this moment, you can simply consult a realtor or flick through real estate listings.
What types of properties are there in West U?
An average real property plot in West U is sized more or less 5K sq ft. Mid 20-th centuhry buildings still dominate the skyline of West U in most parts. However, the real estate development rules and regulations changed in 1992, and new houses and condomoniums rapidly increased in numbers. Before 1992, many property buyers used to prefer bellair to West U as property prices were considerably lower in that neighboring city. However, things have changed for sure since the real estate regulation amendments were bought in place and properties in West University Place, Houston are now more competitively priced than ever before.
Where to find the best West U properties?
West University homes for sale are clustered in different areas of the commuter town. The Rice Court area is where you can find some of the most expensive homes. Pemberton is another area where you can find renovated and considerably expensive houses. If you want to live in an area with all modern facilities and good connectivity yet bearing a traditional feel, you should head south from Weslayan St. The area is called Colonial Terrace and here you can find some of the latest real estate developments. If you are searching for West U properties through a realtor, ask him to find you the most competitively priced properties in the city. Chances are there that your realtor will advise you to buy properties in Preston Place or Quenby Court, or Byron Street. There are cheap properties in different areas of the city, all conveniently located. It’s just that you need to do your own research and take help of a professional and trustworthy realtor.
Questions to ask before you buy a property
West University houses for sale Houston can be pretty appealing, especially from the photographs uploaded by the sellers. However, you need to ask a few questions before finalizing a deal. Ask the seller whether he will paint the property before transferring ownership. Is it a furnished apartment you are paying for? What is the crime rate in the area you are going to live, and possibly raise your family? How far is the nearest bus stop or train station?
Apart from West University homes for sale, West U properties for lease are also available. You should just find a good realtor to get the latest West University Place real estate news.
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