We Are More Than Just a Game Room Business!
Arcade Games, Pinball, Slot machines, Jukeboxes, and Wellness Related machines!
IN THE NEW AGE, LLC. Was developed by J.M. Bolin in 2019. Nonetheless, before this, James had actually established and also run several various other business starting from 1997 just when the web truly removed and also people were really starting to shop online for items, and also from this, James founded one of the first game room relevant business on the web, one of which sold much of the exact same products you see on IN THE NEW AGE today. The items consisting of yet not restricted to, arcade games, jukeboxes, game tables, slot machines as well as even more. However, because of the financial accident of 2008-2009, James exited out of that sector and also got in the field of alternative health and wellness machines. Nevertheless, because of a financial boom in the economy, James made a decision to reopen an all new kind of game room company that consisted of various other products as well. And also when asked, James described it similar to this.
Arcade games, slot machines, arcade machines, pinball machines, jukeboxes
Due to business like Amazon.com, people are much less inclined to see and also acquire from a site that is focused on one market, I.E. the game room service. And afterwards James continues to describe much more.
Also back throughout the very early 2,000's and all with the existing year, 2020, I am astonished whatsoever the game room related firms have not overtaken the moments yet, or should I state, they seem to be stuck in the stone age. Yet, let me be clear, I am not trying to seem disparaging or ill-mannered in anyhow, nevertheless, when I look at a few of these business and also the means the describe their items, and also their online shopping carts, I myself would think twice about spending my difficult earned money with them. What I suggest is, when you visit their website, they are still marketing the similar arcade games, pinball machines, as well as jukeboxes that they were offering 15 and two decades earlier, when someone paid $2,900 for an arcade game, you obtained a game machine with only Pac-man, or Donkey Kong, Space Invaders, or if you were lucky 2 or 3 games in one cabinet. Likewise, a number of them are making use of age-old shopping-cart platforms that are unsecure, unlike like ours!
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Allow's face it, were are residing in a new age where people are wise sufficient to understand what they want, and what they desire is an item that provides MORE SATISFACTION as well as MORE FOR THE MONEY, am I right? Furthermore, they are still advertising lots of arcade games, jukeboxes, pinball machines that are no more made. So, how could a person perhaps gamble on a firm like that. Likewise, I marvel that so many of them are also able to approve charge card without their bank card cpus shutting down their vendor accounts. Again, I do not wish to seem in any way disparaging, yet please CAVEAT EMPTOR!
When I made a decision to get back right into the game room company, I absolutely recognized I needed to be different than the rest, also, while everybody else is still believing inside package, as well as for minority thinking outside the box, I understood I needed to assume PAST PACKAGE, as a result, our firm as well as website has actually materialized itself into what you see today, a varied option of super-cool items, yet, keeping our structure of game room items intact, after all, this is what I appreciate the most, anything arcade game, slot machine as well as jukebox associated!
After that, when asked, "What's with the various other "non-related" game room products, like the health machines, the statuaries, the high-dollar wrist watches," this is exactly how James placed it.
" Like I stated in the past, I wanted to offer items that were definitely super-cool, special, hard to discover, considerably required and or significantly demanded!"
However, Jim takes place to discuss something that has actually had a guaranteed influence of the way we, as not just a nation, yet the majority of the world has been forced to deal with, also, compeling us to change our way of lives, and that is the Coronavirus, Also Known As, Covid-19!
J.M. said resembles this. "After the USA and also started closing the economic situation and guaranteeing the U.S. population, individuals were burnt out to death. As well as from this "boredom," we saw a RISE is sales of arcade games, pinball machines, jukeboxes, and also for the people who often mosted likely to Las Vegas to try their luck, we began marketing even more slot machines than we ever did previously. However I will certainly claim, previous Covid-19, company has been expanding, nonetheless, I would rather business were flourishing from better circumstances, nonetheless it is what it is."
Then J.M. describes the ensuing. "Then it had dawned on me. We are "IN THE NEW AGE," and also from Covid-19. We are all living in a NEW AGE, aren't we?" After that he continues to clarify.
" Also after things start to resolve, and also even when there is finally a treatment or a vaccine for the coronavirus, regardless of what, individuals will certainly never forget. And consequently, I for see virtually every residence, and organisation maintain a continuous fighter against germs, microorganisms, and also any future virus or pandemic that comes our method." Therefore, we included some exceptionally unique items to our firm. And the products are as adheres to; Ultraviolet sanitizers, (UV Lights) the like used in industrial establishments such as hospitals, running areas, pharmaceutical laboratories and also more. Furthermore, we sell high-end air purifiers for residence and also organisation. Now, if you ask, who is buying these commercial air anti-bacterial as well as air purifiers, I will inform you, organisation like restaurants, tool rental business, furnishings shops, medical professional workplaces, childcare centers, retirement homes, as well as YES, consumers also acquire these high-end machines for their residences, condos, and houses!"
Offered at IN THE NEW AGE:
Arcade Machines-- Arcade Games:
Arcade Machines that consist of 4,000+ modern as well as classic arcade games like; Pac-man, Ms. Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Centipede, Street Fighter games, Dual Dragon video games, X-Men video games, Donkey Kong and also much more.
Pinball machines:
Criterion pinball machines, along with our profoundly popular Vpin, online pinball machines that consists of 2,000 pinball games and also arcade games in one. Play pinball tables like; Black Hole, Space Shuttle, 8 Round Deluxe, The Simpsons, Pinbot and also many more!
Slot machines:
Real slot machines as soon as used in the Las Vegas casinos such as Bally slots, IGT slot machines, WMS slot machines.
Rock-Ola CD jukeboxes, Vinyl-45 jukeboxes, and the Rock-Ola Songs facility digital-downloading jukebox!
Game Tables:
Air hockey, Foosball, Bubble hockey.
Dart machines:
Industrial dart machines like Shelti.
Health machines:
PEMF machines (pulsed magnetic field) used to treat pain as well as used to develop the human body immune system. Hair-growth machines, and electrostatic treatment machines.
Air Disinfectant machines:
Air cleansers, UV cleanliness illumination machines.
Then when asked, "So what are you, a game room firm, and arcade game firm, a tiny Amazon type shop, just how do you identify your on the internet company?"
After That, J.M. Bolin claimed it such as this. "We are not any of those, we are simply, "IN THE NEW AGE!" We are staying in a new age, thus, we are "IN THE NEW AGE," Word Play Here INTENDED!

The items consisting of but not limited to, arcade games, jukeboxes, game tables, slot machines and also even more. What I mean is, when you see their internet site, they are still selling the extremely same arcade games, pinball machines, as well as jukeboxes that they were selling 15 and also 20 years earlier, when a person paid $2,900 for an arcade game, you received a game machine with only Pac-man, or Donkey Kong, Area Invaders, or if you were fortunate 2 or 3 games in one cabinet. In addition, they are still advertising many arcade games, jukeboxes, pinball machines that are no longer made. And from this "monotony," we observed a SURGE is sales of arcade games, pinball machines, jukeboxes, and for the individuals that frequently went to Las Vegas to attempt their good luck, we began selling even more slot machines than we ever before did in the past. Now, if you ask, who is purchasing these commercial air anti-bacterial and also air cleansers, I will tell you, service like restaurants, tool rental firms, furnishings shops, doctor workplaces, day care centers, retirement houses, and also YES, consumers also acquire these premium machines for their houses, condominiums, and houses!"