People may like to view their HTML files in a simple way and their aim gets fulfilled with the Free HTML Viewer. Everyone is aware that it is the HTML format that is used for uploading contents on the Net and hence, the Free HTML Viewer may be highly useful for web developers as well as web administrators. The app is a small-sized one but it comes with a host of features for using which, there will not be any difficulties at all.

The Free HTML Viewer supports the other formats like PHP, ASP, JS and several other types of websites which means that this app is a comprehensive one. It is not necessary that users should be highly tech-savvy for using this tool. Even beginners and those users who have no advanced knowledge in computer technology can understand the tool easily and so, the Free HTML Viewer is a convenient app.

Once users download the app and install it on their device that runs on the Windows Operating System, they can use it for any length of time according to their requirements. It is truly a free software which means there are no hidden charges.

Further, the Free HTML Viewer is a light-weight app and hence, it may not need large resources of a system. The tool does not contain malware or adware and therefore, it is a clean app. So, the systems of the users and their performances are very much protected. The user interface of the app is very basic and it contains only simple settings.

Users have to just add the files from the folders or they have to just type in the HTML URL. Once they do so, they can view the files instantly. This means that the Free HTML Viewer can be very much useful for viewing large-sized files. User can make use of the zoom-in and zoom-out feature also. They can get the contents copied to clipboard. They can change the font size also.

The response time of the Free HTML Viewer is very impressive. So, it does the job quickly and helps users manage their sites quite easily.

About The Free HTML Viewer

The Free HTML Viewer helps people view their HTML files in a simple way. Since contents are uploaded on the Net using the HTML format, this tool can be useful for web developers as well as web administrators.

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