The United States of America, March 21, 2014: Websites are necessity in the present age of internet dominance. Without a website, even large organisations can find it difficult to properly market their business and expand their reach to prospective customers. Websites are the windows for going through the products and services of the owner enterprise or organization. However, owner companies can take the advantage of their websites only if their website hosting service provider is efficient. LayerOnline provides satisfactory web hosting that meets the demand of high traffic. Moreover, the company remains continuously involved in innovating and evolving its provision to improve customer experience.

The pro-activity of LayerOnline towards improvement of its service for its clients is evident the introduction of new kind of web hosting service based on CloudLinux operating system. The web host announced the launch of CloudLinux-based hosting service recently and claimed that the technology will provide greater server-uptime, stability and security to its clients.

CloudLinux is the first commercially supported OS based on Linux and optimized for data centers and shared hosting providers. CloudLinux creates Lightweight Virtual Environment, which enables web hosts to provide higher level of reliability and server stability. Recently, CloudLinux released next-generation LVE Manager plug-in and introduced LVE resource limits. CloudLinux OS strengthens website hosting service of LayerOnline by reduction of the requirement of resources by websites and provision of effective resource management. Thus, surge in usage of resource by a single account cannot take down the entire hosting server of LayerOnline. Thus, other clients can have their websites smoothly running even during usage-spike.

CloudLinux LVE runs processes under correct users in its own lightweight container. Thus, LayerOnline is enabled to offer improved protection and better security against poorly written scripts and hackers that capture resources from other clients. LayerOnline continuously invests in advanced technology to provide superior experience to its users. The introduction of CloudLinux OS-based web hosting by the service provider means deployment of solid infrastructure that can ensure uninterrupted online existence of client websites.

LayerOnline provides wide range of website hosting services such as dedicated servers, virtual private servers, reseller hosting and shared hosting. In addition to streamlined and efficient web hosting, the service provider is also committed to active customer support 24/7. The web host also offers hundreds of software scripts that can be installed with one click, free daily backup with reseller and shared plans, clean IP addresses and service-level agreement guarantee for 100% network uptime. Clients can also benefit from value-added provision such as domain transfers and registrations, software modification and installation, SSL Certificates, high availability and collocation server hosting, email marketing platform website builder the LayerOnline provides along with website hosting service.

About LayerOnline:


LayerOnline is a website hosting service provider with complete range of hosting packages. The company strives to provide an edge to its customers over their competitors. It has launched CloudLinux OS-based service. LayerOnline has impressive number of additional provision that add value to its core service.