Columbia, MD; August 16, 2013: Big Gain Trades provides visitors with videos, articles, and resources about investing, making money online, gardening, food, health, entertainment, and other areas geared towards being a better trading or investor. The company was established in 2007 and has seen its traffic increase by 400%. 

Bryan DeLoatch, the company’s founder, said that as the economy worsens, more Americans seek an alternative to the regular 9 to 5 job. “It is our mission to provide the most timely, up to date news, information and financial resources to help everyone in their pursuit of wealth and financial independence,” states Mr. DeLoatch. 

Inside the Trader Section, experienced traders and property investors can create tactics when trading including the FOREX, NYSE, NASDAQ, CME Group, Penny Stock Securities composing OTC, Pinks along with the Grey Market. Website visitors can increase their self-confidence by putting together their own personnel trading tactics, getting to understand charts and methods, acquiring practicable knowledge to prevent risks while trading these markets. Additionally, investors can gain knowledge about the aspects of fundamental and technical analysis, charts & patterns as well as figuring out when you should get ‘in and exit’ trades. Viewers can learn the right way to trade, ideas on how to buy stocks, trading approaches and strategies, sound money management practices, the bases of risk & reward as well as the psychology of trading. Aside from that, visitors will love the many resources associated with online investing and trading. 

Users new to investment can learns from tutorials and educational videos, while amateur and pro alike network with one another through a popular message forum. “The financial world if full of lies and misinformation, so meeting with experts can help traders, separate fact from fiction,” said Mr. DeLoatch. 

From ETF’s to mutual funds, the website has the information about stocks, Forex, commodities, currency trading, even penny stocks. “You’d be surprised how many people invest in penny stocks,” said Mr. DeLoatch, “but there are perils. Some penny stock investment firms spend thousands of dollars emailing people to raise artificially the price only to do a sell off. So before you fall for deceptive advertising, do a little crowd sourcing. Post a question on the forum or see what other are saying, this could save you thousands of dollars.” 

The health section of the sites features useful advice for trading professionals where alcoholism, tobacco use, and obesity is said to run rampant. “Making money is the most wonderful thing in the world, but you have to be alive to enjoy it,” said Mr. DeLoatch. “I have had many friends suffer heart attacks and go to an early grave because they spent way too many hours in front of a computer. By having sections about health, gardening, etc., we hope to inspire our visitors to take care of themselves like they take care of their money.” 


Big Gains. Established in June 2007, this free website allows Traders to discover knowledge, purchase items, and interact with others online to gain the upper hand economic uncertain times. Big Gain enjoys many partnerships and affiliate relationships with YouTube, Yahoo, Amazon, Ebay, and others. Visit for more information. 

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