USA — Most people will not have the technical knowledge to change the format of files without the right software. But because of the internet it is now possible to either buy the required software or in some cases, even download the required software for free. There is now a website that provides the PSD to JPG Converter free of cost. So, people who want to change the format of PSD files to JPG format can now do so without much effort on their part.

This PSD to JPG Converter has a number of interesting features. The software is free of cost and downloading it is easy. People who require the software can just visit the website and click on the download button and the download and installation will be done in a few minutes. Using the software is also quite easy since the converter comes with a simple layout that one can get used to quite easily. To select the files that require conversion, the ‘drag and drop’ feature is very convenient. And this way people can select both individual files as well as folders. Hence, this software supports batch processes too.

The website says, “This software program allows the users to customize the names of the output files. It is also possible to select the quality of the generated images with this converter tool.”

Hence, it is possible to select where the output files will be saved and customize their names. Additionally, one can look at the progress of conversion, which is very quick, in the preview window. Finally, one can also select the quality the output image should be after conversion.

About Website

This website provides the Free PSD to JPG Converter which is easy to download and use, doesn’t occupy much disk space and provides quality conversion quickly. The software also supports batch processes.

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