USA - Sometimes people need to capture videos through screen cams; this is especially the case with online tutorials that are common with online courses or when a new procedure, etc is being shared via video conferences. In such cases the captured videos are created with .scm extension. But the main problem with this procedure is that these files might not play on all occasion. This is especially the case when the media is shared and an attempt is made to view it on another computer or smart phone.

The most common solution to the above problem would be to convert the .scm media files such that they can be viewed through popular media players. But now SCM Player is available using which the .scm files can be directly viewed without having to convert them to any other media formats. All one has to do is download the Free SCM Player from the website onto one’s computer or smart phone. Once installed, it is easy to open and Play SCM files from the player.

The website says, “With the Free SCM Player, users can play .scm files directly without having to convert them to any other playable format. Because of this feature, the Free SCM Player is very handy.”

This SCM Player comes with a number of attractive features. It is easy to use and understand with a simple user interface. Once downloaded the player works even without internet connection.

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The website provides the free SCM Player. Interested users can just go to the website and download the player without having to pay for it. The website doesn’t ask the users to either register or subscribe to their website. Hence, this tool can be downloaded absolutely free.

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