October 4, 2013 — For all huge fans of Amazon, the latest Kindle Fire HDX is a great object of desire with its rich features and high-end technical specifications. This newest kindle edition is considered as the biggest Amazon project for 2013 and everyone who wants to learn more about this new gadget can visit the website KindleHDX.co. The site offers detailed product review, spelling out its all features and specifications. 

The site reveals that the latest Amazon tablets are available in two different sizes of 7-inch and 8.9-inch, giving customers a freedom of choosing a size as per their preference. According to the site, the new devices are packed with all modern features that make them a sophisticated and a more stylish product. Both the models offer a high pixel resolution, offering best quality image viewing that can redefine the online content viewing experience of the users. 

The site is also allowing Kindle fans to preorder this newest Kindle HDX version. For all those for whom the wait time is very taxing can take advantage of this preorder offer. Moreover, one can gain all relevant information about the product on the site so that one can know what they are ordering for. 

Earlier this year, Amazon had launched Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ for its customers and now this Kindle Fire HDX 8.9″ is the latest edition. The objective of the website is to present a comparative analysis of both the devices and help understand what features make this new device more superior and desirable. The site enumerates the pros and cons of the new Kindle device so that one can make a decision in an informed manner. 

According to the site, this new device can gain a huge popularity because of its high-end technical capabilities. It has a very fast processor that launches apps from the Amazon App store at an incredible speed. There are several amazing features that make this device more powerful and efficient than Kindle’s previous versions. One can learn everything about this futuristic Amazon device on the website www.kindlehdx.co . 

About KindleHDX.co 

The website KindleHDX.co hosts a comprehensive review on the latest Amazon product, the all new Kindle Fire HDX tablet. The site details out all technical specifications and features for people to know everything about this futuristic gadget that is being considered as the most anticipated product launch by Amazon in 2013. 

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