New Delhi; 19, October 2016: With the advent of the internet, the government organizations in India have also adopted the values of e-governance, offering citizens a range of services through the online medium. The Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation has also its website, offering all PF details, such as the PF claim withdrawal status that one can easily access sitting comfortably at home.

The website has been designed by Dashing times Private Limited for people to gather all valuable information they may need regarding checking their EPF status online. The website offers all information in a simple manner that everyone can easily understand and can check their PF status online without any hassles. For an easy understanding, the website also uses visuals and images that make the task a lot easier for any user. Moreover, the website also has a dedicated team to assist users, if they come across any problem while checking their PF status online.

According to the creators of the website, the EPF India allows government employees to check their PF withdrawal status online through their official website. In case, anyone doesn’t know how to log into the official website of the EPFO, has a step by step guide to learn the ways of login and checking the status. They show the screenshots from the official website that guides employees in the best possible manner when it comes to fetching information from the EPFO website.

The creators of the maintain that the objective of their website is to help government employees to check their EPF online on their own. They need not take assistance of any third person, instead can log in to the EPFO website without any trouble. For a large number of government employees in India, the PF is an important tool of managing their personal finance. In such a scenario, will prove an important source of information for them to learn about their provident fund. The website updates information on a regular basis from time to time, for employees to remain updated about their PF.

In order to check the PF status online, one can use the information given in the website

About is an informative website created by Dashing times Private Limited that reveals valuable information about checking EPF withdrawal status online. The government employees can use the information to log into the official website of the Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation of India to check their EPF details.

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