has released a comprehensive review of Meladerm Cream, the award winning skin lightening cream. The author of the review Miss Jessie Hope has exposed the shocking truth about what she feels as the best skin lightening cream today. In the review, Jessie says that she too had tried every possible skin lightening remedy but was left unsatisfied. Then she came across the Meladerm cream which worked wonders on her, as she claims.

According to the review, Meladerm cream is an award winning skin lightening cream which was launched by Civant Skin Care in 2005. The product is also highly regarded for its effectiveness and safety. Jessie explains the truth behind this by explaining how it works. She adds, “The color of our skin is dependent on the level of pigment called melanin. Melanin pigment is synthesized in specialized organelles called melanosomes. The level of the natural pigment found in the darker portions of our skin is always more as compared to the normal parts of the body.”

She further explains that “the active and natural ingredients found in Meladerm pigment reducing complex target these melanosomes and suppress the formation of melanin which defines our skin tone.” Jesse praises the Civant Skin Care products by saying that they control the melanin formation without posing any harm to the skin like other creams. Jesse says she had used Meladerm to remove dark spots and sunburn on her hands. But the cream can also be used for achieving a uniform skin tone, and even skin discolorations like acne marks, age and liver spots, hyper-pigmentation, freckles, birthmarks, old scars, melasma, etc.

The review also shows Jesse’s reasons for liking the Meladerm cream. Accroding to her, the cream is effective on all skin types, it is safe, has a pleasant smell, non-sticky, varied ingredients, permanent results, and its 100% risk free feature. For more details go to


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