According to a new survey, 5 out of 6 companies’ uses cloud storage services to store their large data. With storage densities and storage capacity demands increasing each year, cloud storage market is expected to reach $46.8 billion by the year 2018. With technology becoming very advanced, people now prefer keeping their important files and documents in the cloud. Storing data on computers hard disk comes with various kind of threats, this is why cloud storage is highly recommended.

There are now many companies which provide cloud storage services. The advantages of this type of storage is that it provides unlimited space and people can access their photos, music, or documents from anywhere. With data thefts coming very common, cloud storage has been preferred by many for its online safety and security.

Recently, a renowned website that publishes reviews about different cloud storage has released the top 10 companies that provide the best services. It was rated on the basis of visitor’s preference, storage reliability, value of money, network speed, and features of storage plan. According to the review, was the no.1 company for providing unlimited cloud storage space, high network speed and for supporting multiple devices. Developed by JDI and based in UK, the company has more than 6 years of experience in the cloud storage business. It provides backup for videos, music, documents, iTunes photos, and emails. It also allows users to sync data with devices like smartphone, tablets, iPads, and PC. JustCloud has got more positive reviews for its easy to use interface and affordable prices.

The other best cloud storage companies for the year 2014 are as follows, Carbonite,, SugarSync, Livedrive, Backblaze, Zip Clous, SOS, Hightail, and Spideroak. These companies are known to provide the best service for personal cloud storage. The website has also reviewed the best cloud storage for business use. For more information please go to


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