With the increasing number of diet program DVDs flooding the market, it can get quiet confusing for individuals to choose the right one. Sources have it that there have been many reports by customers stating that some exercise plans are not effective and a complete wastage of money. With the launch of 21 Day Fix, unlockweightloss.com takes a closer look at the new diet and exercise program and offers unbiased and accurate review.

The website was created to provide a clear and better picture of 21 Day Fix so that interested individuals gets the most out of the program. The review contains all the methods employed by the programs and gives its own professional advice to customers. It also talks about the background and expertise of the program’s creator — Autumn Calabrese. She is known for her many achievements in professional bikini competition; however, being a single mother gives her less time to work out. According to her, a fit body is the only way to stay healthy, happy, and beautiful. 21 Day Fix was created by her for those women who have little time to sacrifice for exercise. This exercise plan helps individuals to get that toned body in just 3 weeks.

21 Day Fix comes with 2 DVDs and each contains 3 workouts. Equipped with exercises to deliver massive calorie burn, individuals need to spend just 30 minutes a day to sweat out. It starts with easy workout routines and then becomes difficult but achievable every stage. The body cardio fix is designed to improve heart rate, and metabolism. It also contains upper and lower body fix, Pilates to elongate torso and tighten butt, hips, and thighs, and yoga fix for flexibility and muscle relaxation. 21 Day Fix comes with a 30 day money back guarantee, which means individuals can get the exercise program for free if they are not satisfied or does not see any result. For more information please go to http://unlockweightloss.com/



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