Inthis changing market scenario, with a number of products available with personalization and customization options to reflect the customer’s personal choice and style, even the surf board industry has not remained untouched from it such as, WeeBoards; a startup company based in Seattle has launched 13 customizable surf board models on their online retail store.

Apart from giving an option to the customer to personalize their surf board the way they want,the founders of WeeBoards Matthew and Nicole will also be donating used surf boards to Nicaraguan kids living in poverty. Both of them have been surfing enthusiasts and know the inside and out of the industry and their love for surfing led them to start a company offering good quality and unique miniature surfing boards. They have also started an Indiegogo campaign( with a goal of $17,500 to fund the initial cost of the company and do the first production run of the product.

The company is not just about making money, but also aims to serve a greater cause through their side project named “Waves for Nicas” under which they’ll take money from every sale to purchase used surf boards for donating them to the less privileged Nicaraguan kids living in poverty. The simple aim is to bring joy and fun of surfing to the poor kids.

The company follows a simple methodology to take out the share from every sale and use it to buy from local travelers who are looking to ditch the surf board or anyone who has a surf board that they don’t use anymore. Moreover, all these giveaways will be documented on the website on a monthly basis so that the customers will also be able to share the joy of giving.

This project may also give these children an opportunity to participate in competitions internationally and achieve a better life. The money raised from the campaign will be utilized to attain licenses, agreements, legal formalities for the initial establishment of the company. It’ll also be used tobuy a large format printer, eco-inks and vinyl media to print thesurf boards. The rest of the amount raised will be used in shipping, packaging and monthly advertisement of the company.

A variety of perks and rewards are also being offered to the backers including a chance to get 1x free weeboard every year for life.

Contact Details:
Name: Nicole White
Email: [email protected]
Phone:1 (888) 318-2791
Country: United States