06, December 2014: weedPals, a leader in the cannabis social networking scene, is proud to announce a major upgrade to their social networking site. weedPals added several more features including pinBoards, a similar concept to pInterest, increased user interactions, updated news feeds from major news sources such as the New York Times as well as increasing it’s server capacity to accommodate the expanding user base and interactions.

Social networks are here to stay. With the drive to legalize cannabis, the industry needs a place to call home. Unlike other social networks, weedPals is solely focused one thing, the cannabis lifestyle. weedPals offers a network where users can share their cannabis experiences with individuals as well as collectives and other businesses. It offers a way for the movement to gather supporters through individualized pages and event listings and a way for people to share with other like-minded individuals.

weedPals co-founder Dave Brody commented, “It’s about time we had an outlet for the cannabis lifestyle. Most people don’t want to expose themselves on other networks such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instragram. They just don’t feel comfortable placing themselves at risk given the current cannabis legalization battles.”

Over the next few months, weedPals will be focusing on the mobile market, developing iOS and Android apps to make the social network more mobile. Dave Brody added, “Just like other social networks have, focusing on mobile gives users the power to immediately communicate their experiences in the here and now.”

About weedpals

weedPals is a social network dedicated to the cannabis lifestyle. It’s a social network that connects people with one common interest, cannabis. weedPals creates a solid platform from which cannabis users and activists can communicate and collectively power the cannabis movement. It collectively provides a place for individuals to share cannabis experiences, photos, videos, messaging, events, pages, and forums.

For Media Contact:
Dave Brody
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website: www.weedpals.com