Welcome Home, Baby Singh!


Excited at having a new baby at their home, the Singh family welcomes the new born at home. But things do not go as smoothly as they hoped for them! Avatar Singh’s aunt (Buaji) comes home to help Himani with the baby and ends up driving everyone crazy! How does the family react to Buaji’s rules and regulations? What is Nikki’s response to the new baby and Buaji? More importantly, how long does Buaji intend to extend her stay?


Meanwhile, on RoliAunty’s request Rohan and Sunny are out on a wild goose chase to find a treasure. But is there actually a hidden treasure or does Roli Aunty have an agenda of her own?


Welcome the newest member of the Singh Family and be a part of all the excitement inBest of Luck NikkiSeason 3 on

Sunday, August 25, 2013 at 10.30amonly on Disney Channel



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