Thanks to modern technology, dental patients can now enjoy needle-free dental anesthesia and something called CDR, which in turn stands for computer digital radiography. Some dentists are already slow to adopt the newest procedures, but Dr. Eftekhari doesn't believe in lagging at the rear of on technology. This individual looks for new technology, finds it, as well as makes it a part of his dental practice immediately. His / her willingness to advance features proven especially useful to his patients. That they benefit directly from his constant research for the latest technologies dental care has to offer its patients.

Computer digital radiography is really a new form of x-ray technology that completely removes the need for film or even chemicals to catch images of the teeth. Images are consumed more quickly, patients are exposed to less radiation, as well as waiting room period is drastically lowered. Dr. Eftekhari is proud to offer this brand-new form of technology to aid his patients like a better experience in his office.

Needle-free dental what about anesthesia ? helps patients using a fear of needles. Furthermore, it helps patients that have a fear of pain, which is just about anyone who steps into the dental chair. This type of dental anesthesia is painless for the patient. Dr. Eftekhari is specially happy that he can offer this kind of service to the patients he likes you.

About Dr. Eftekhari

Dr. Eftekhari has been practicing dentistry for 18 many years. During this time, he's never stopped learning. He believes that dentists should always stay current on the newest procedures so that patients could have the very best of attention. He works included in the United Dental Care and offers dozens of dental services which keep his patients smiling.

Due to his extensive training, Doctor. Eftekhari can be considered a West Los Angeles Dentist and West La orthodontist. He does procedures in both categories of dentistry. Dr. Eftekhari is able to do composite refills, porcelain inlays, porcelain onlays, capped teeth, fixed bridges, about veneers, and tooth whitening. He has also happy to supply patients with mouth alignment problems your Invisalign clear aligner. This particular clear replacement for large, uncomfortable braces is a true gift in order to patients with alignment problems and Dr. Eftekhari is happy to offer it.

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