The city of West University Place, nicknamed the ‘neighborhood city’ stands as the bedroom community for the elite section of citizens living in the metropolitan area of Houston—The Woodlands—Sugar Land. The city with its meager population of about 15,000 according to the latest Census report, welcomes home seekers to its fine collection of West University Houston TX homes for sale. People aspiring to live in the quiet and fancy neighborhoods of West U should have a healthy budget that they can cough up to invest in the ritzy homes of this locale. The West University Houston TX homes are each a kind of its own, some newly built and others renovated over older constructs.
The city was named West U, considering its proximity with the Rice University. Interestingly, the streets in the city are named with borrowings made from literature books. Distributed over an expanse of 5000 sq. feet, the housing stock of the city mostly comprises of bungalows from the last century and independent cottages. Post the liberalization in 1992, the city was given authority to build new West University Houston TX homes for sale within its perimeter. Around that time, great many houses got built up that ranged typically from 50 by 120 feet to slightly larger. Georgian in style, these West University Houston TX homes presented the seekers with the opportunity to find a neat and dandy home in this secluded and aristocratic slice of Texas.
The prices went down marginally after contracted discovered the level of competition thrown by the inexpensive lots in the adjoining Bellaire. Catching the tail of this realization, half of the homes within the periphery of West U were run down and reconstructed within a timeframe of 15 years. The older ones that were too dilapidated for a renovation were replaced by newer one rebuilt from the foundation in changed design. Stats establish that houses built sold over $1m all came within the political boundary of West University Place. The West University Houston TX homes for sale have been claimed in the past at extravagant prices, which has made the place a neighborhood of selected people who are well-off to afford them. The place has an ambience that spells opulence and luxury, mostly because of its palatial buildings, ornate houses and the well-kept neighborhoods.
If you take a sweeping glance through the real estate inventory of the city, you’ll come across all sorts of houses, such as Victorian bungalows, luxurious apartments, economical continuums, etc. To find houses suiting your budget, click into the real estate listing sites. There are multiple real estate websites dedicated to consolidating information of West University Houston TX homes for sale. Check out the pictures and do some readings about the properties before you jump into making the investment. Call the contact person up to gather all the required information before you visit the place for inspection.
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