Charleston, West Virginia — Personal injury law firm, Heavens Law, has settled a $4.5 million workplace accident case, providing assistance to the victim's family in the wake of this tragic death. In Civil Action No. 99-C-989 in Circuit Court of Kanawha County, West Virginia, Heavens Law was able to obtain a settlement where the insurance company claimed there would be no payment due to an "act of God."

In this case, victim John Boner was killed during a timber clear cut operation when a large rock became dislodged by bulldozer operators, rolled down a mountain and struck him. His family was told by the employer and the insurance company that no payments would be forthcoming because the accident was an uncovered “act of God.”

The family consulted Chris Heavens, a personal injury lawyer in Charleston , West Virginia. Mr. Heavens immediately began a complete investigation of the situation and discovered that the employer, Keenan Industries, was actually sub-contracted by another firm to perform the clear-cut operation. Furthermore, this West Virginia personal injury attorney discovered that the property where the accident occurred was under a mining permit and that it was illegal for a timber company to place non-certified miners on the site.

Charleston attorney Chris Heavens was able to hire a mine safety and timbering expert to assist the family in developing theories of liability. Before the case came on for trial, all defendants agreed to a settlement of $4.5 million.

Fortunately, Mr. Heavens, a personal injury attorney in Charleston, WV, was able to help the family of the deceased worker collect compensation to pay for their emotional suffering and the loss of love and financial support of this victim. This case highlights the fact, however, that many workplace accident victims are told that they may not collect damages even when the employer is liable. In these cases, victims and families may turn for help to a personal injury lawyer in Charleston, WV, like Chris Heavens.

Case Information: Circuit Court of Kanawha County, West Virginia, Civil Action No. 99-C-989

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Chris Heavens of Heavens Law Firm is a Charleston lawyer with a long history of large settlements for accident victims. While many West Virginia lawyers also handle other matters, Chris Heavens handles only personal injury cases. Chris Heavens became a personal injury lawyer in Charleston, WV, after spending many years as an insurance company attorney. These experiences helped Mr. Heavens to learn the realities of dealing with insurance companies and large employers and become one of the most successful West Virginia personal injury attorneys in Charleston.

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