announced that martial art classes are now available for the convenience of parents who wish to provide their kids with martial arts education. The website provides all the necessary information about the Westchester Martial Arts Academy at WFC which specializes in teaching martial arts classes for children. According to Michael Chirico, owner of the academy, the classes are specially designed to build confidence, courage, discipline, commitment, self-esteem and strength in children by empowering them with important life skills. The classes are designed to develop both the body and the mind.

 Many kids today suffer from lack of focus and attention which can lead to underperforming in school. As their grades suffer, so do their self-esteem. At Westchester Martial Arts Academy, children are taught to calm their minds so as to develop sharper focus. Then, as they get better and better at focusing, they are taught to focus for longer periods of time. In due course, the more advanced students learn to focus the entire session on just one activity or exercise without getting restless. This focus then transitions from the training floors into their everyday lives.

The martial arts classes are planned so that every student has the chance to train with peers and also observe senior students perform advanced movements. “We let students of all levels to train together so that they can understand how hard work can help anyone achieve higher goals”, said Michael Chirico.

At Westchester Martial Arts Academy, no student is left out. Students who once lacked confidence soon open up and transforms into confident children when the instructor pairs them with other students who can guide them. Many children, that began as shy and unfocussed, progress towards the higher levels with enthusiasm and respect. All students develop their body and mind into self-confident and disciplined warriors. According to sources, many of the parents at Westchester Martial Arts Academy have commented on the sense of community they feel as all their children get along and work together as a team. For more information please go to

About is the official website of the Westchester Martial Arts Academy. It provides all the necessary information about the various classes they offer including kids martial arts classes.


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