Whale Spa has become known as a company that takes pride in its pedicure chairs. With real wood construction, genuine PU leather upholstery and tons of accessories, Whale Spa pedicure chairs are visibly superior to other products.

Whale Spa has been providing quality pedicure chairs as seen at http://www.whalespa.net/pedicure-chairs/ for many years. Today's customers want fashionable and stylish chairs that are affordably priced, created with quality construction techniques and made of long-lasting materials. With beautifully designed chairs for mid-range and high-end salons, this company stands out as a place to find high quality chairs at reasonable prices.

Whale Spa, on the web at www.whalespa.net , is devoted to providing quality spa pedicure chairs and other salon furniture as seen at http://www.whalespa.net/nail-salon-furniture/ . Whale Spa gives customers the best quality salon furniture so that owners can outfit spas and salons with beautiful equipment to best serve their customers.

With a variety of materials, colors and styles, there is something for everyone. Customers can choose from spa pedicure chairs with lovely textured glass bowls, genuine PU leather chairs with Shiatsu rolling massage, real wood arm rests and angled footrests for the ultimate in pedicure efficiency. Chairs are available with pipeless jets that are easy to clean and maintain and, on some models, these jets double as a spray handle. Every chair and accessory is made with high-quality real wood construction for the ultimate in durability and service.

For unbeatable quality and beauty, customers know that Whale Spa has the very best spa pedicure chairs and other salon furniture on the market. All spa furniture is available at prices that are affordable so that spa owners to find the quality furniture they need.

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About Whale Spa:

Whale Spa is a premier supplier of quality pedicure chairs, manicure tables, polish stations, salon furniture and spa pedicure chair parts and accessories. Whale Spa is committed to providing the highest quality spa pedicure chairs and salon furniture in the industry.

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