Shengzhen, China - Acrylic display platform should be the best replacement for the traditional glass displaying platform and box in each supermarket, store, trade fair and other occasions. This is because the glass acrylic material has more featured advantages than traditional glass displaying platform which will be very easy to be broken. Today, technician from famous China acrylic display manufacturer Shenzhen Yida Acrylic Product Manufacture Co., Ltd will introduce with people the unique advantages of Acrylic materials which used for making the acrylic display .

High transparency

The acrylic is one kind of PMMA material which is one kind of the most excellent transparent polymer material and the light transmittance of it could reach to 92 percent, which is higher than glass. The artificial sunlamps are made ​​of quartz because quartz could let the ultraviolet light be completely through. The ordinary glass only let 0.6 percent of ultraviolet through it. However, the ultraviolet passing value of high quality acrylic which used for making acrylic box could reach to 73 percent.

High Mechanical Strength

The relative molecular mass of the acrylic material is about 200 million, which belong to the long chain polymers and the formatted molecular chains are very soft. That is why the strength of PMMA and acrylic box platform is very high. The performance of tensile and impact resistance of the acrylic material is 7 to 18 times than ordinary glass. We could set a very typically example to show with people the high performance of the acrylic material. People could pound a nail into this surface of the acrylic display and then people could see that the nail penetration could not cause into cracks on the surface of this product. This material could also not break into pieces after the penetration of bullet. Therefore, people who want to purchase the commodities displaying box or platform should choose the high quality acrylic displays.

Light Weight

The density of the raw material for acrylic is 1.18kg/dm³. The same size product only has the half weight of the same size glass and 43 percent of the aluminum metal. That is to say people could easy carry the acrylic box and displaying platform by their own hand.

Easy Factory processing

This feature should be very good one to the related products factory such as Shenzhen Yida Acrylic Product Manufacture Co., Ltd. The technician said that the Acrylic could be not only processed by cutting and drilling but also can be bonded into various shapes of products such as Acrylic Box by acetone and chloroform. On the other hand, this kind of materials could also be manufactured into aircraft cockpit cover, dentures and many other kinds of products by blow molding, injection, extrusion and other methods of processing.

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