China - In the using of the circuit board, the operator should pay more attention to the regularly maintenance to the PCB board. The properly maintaining could help people ensure the circuit board work in good condition and reduce the failure rate of the circuit board such as PCB board. The maintenance methods for the circuit board should be very carefully. Today, the well-known china PCB fabrication server which website is would introduce with people some detailed information about the maintenance for the PCB board.

The basically maintenance for the circuit board should be very necessary for PCB board. After the using for each quarter, people should totally clean up the dust on the circuit board. However, if it is necessary, people could use the circuit board cleaning fluid to clean the dust. After the dust cleaning to PCB board with the special liquid, people must use a hair dryer to dry the circuit board. This could help people avoid the damage to circuit board by the water in the liquid.

On the other hand, the engineer from website has also said that people should circuit board carefully observe whether electronic components in the circuit has traces of high temperatures and whether the electrolytic capacitors have leakage phenomenon of not. If there is such phenomenon, people should consider to replacing the damaged components. The regularly checking for the operation of the PCB board should be necessary in the maintaining process of the PCB board.

Another crucial point about the maintaining for circuit board should be the annual maintenance. The first point is the same with the basically maintenance. People should clean up the dust on the circuit board. The cleaning method is also familiar with the cleaning method in the basically maintenance. However, the cleaning for the circuit board in the annual maintenance should be much more carefully than that of the basically maintaining.

Second, the engineer should carefully check the capacity electrolytic capacitor on the circuit board. If they find the capacity of the electrolytic capacitor is less than 20 percent of the nominal capacity, they should consider to replacing the old one. However, ten year should be the limitation of the service life of the electrolytic capacitor.

On the other hand, for the high-power devices which have coated with heat express pcb dissipation silicone, the engineer should check whether the thermal grease is already dry of not. If the grease has already become solid, people should remove the dry thermal grease and coat the device with the new surface of the heat dissipation silicone. This step is very necessary for the maintenance for the PCB board. If people want to have more related information, they should browse the website

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