Countless patients continue to avoid the dental treatments that they require due to anxiety or a phobia over any work on their teeth or gums. With studies showing just how important oral health is to one's overall wellbeing, every person should schedule a dental exam as least once every six months. For those that would like to make their appointments as quick and painless as possible, sedation dentistry methods may be precisely what they need in order to receive the treatments they need for a bright, healthy, and straight smile.

There are three primary forms of sedation that can be used for those that would like to avoid discomfort or anxiety during their next appointment. For those that do have anxiety, oral sedatives can be given either the night before the treatment or immediately before the procedure. These will put the patients at ease as well as make the procedure go extremely quickly.

In addition to oral sedation, individuals may also have the option for an inhaled sedative. The most typical gas that is used is nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas. This is administered directly before the treatment and patients often report their treatment to go extremely fast. The final form of sedation is the IV, or intravenous sedation. IVs can be used by themselves or in addition to other sedatives and any number of mixtures will be placed directly into the patient's bloodstream. For more serious surgeries, the individual may be completely placed under, but many treatments will only need the use of conscious sedation. All patients that do decide to use sedation during their treatments should be sure to give themselves ample time to recover immediately after their appointment.

No matter how much anxiety or phobia that patient may have however, they should never avoid regular appointments with their dentist. Modern studies show that there are a wide variety of serious health issues that are diagnosed at very high percentages in those that do not often seek out comprehensive dental treatments at least every six months.

Sedation dentistry methods can be used for even the most typical services, such as professional teeth cleaning. Even though brushing and flossing regularly are very important for one's oral health, they will not be enough to remove any development of plaque and tartar. When left on the teeth, this tartar will produce acids and bacteria that will eat away at the teeth and gums, resulting in tooth decay and gum disease.

Other typical treatments that may need the use of sedation dentistry techniques include skin grafting, tooth extractions, dental implants, and root canals. Huge advances to sedation dentistry techniques make all of these treatments as quick and painless as possible. Anyone that has not schedule an appointment with the dentist in the past 6 months should immediately contact an experienced dentist that offers a full line of sedation dentistry services.

Dentists at Northridge Dental Group offer various sedation dentistry options for patients. This sedation dentist has the experience needed to help individuals stay comfortable and relaxed throughout the treatments.