Many people may wonder what exactly water cooler companies are doing to help protect the environment. One thing that they are doing that is causing more and more office building owners to take notice in reducing the amount of waste that comes along with drinking water and staying hydrated.

Many of us who drink water on a regular basis usually purchase large quantities of bottled water and take these plastic bottles along with us everywhere we go, including to work or school. If your office has a water cooler installed then there really isn't any need to purchase and bring along those plastic bottles which can really add up in our landfills over time. So by choosing to drink water out of a company provided water cooler instead, we are all doing a little something to help save the environment.

If your business is looking for a new way to help reduce the carbon footprint that you are applying then you can do so all while staying hydrated at the same time by having a water cooler installed in your home. You can greatly help reduce the amount of landfill waste as well as help improve overall cost savings and enjoy the better quality of water that doesn't come from a plastic bottle. Many companies have started to help businesses reduce the amount of waste that they produce and help to eliminate all of the lifting and storing away of the large five gallon water jugs. They can also help keep you from running out of water and eliminate the need of a high cost bottled water delivery services that can cost your business a lot of extra money.

In the modern age there are more than over one million coolers in service in businesses and schools all over the world, which is about 18 per cent in service total - displaying the immense popularity of the water cooler. And more commercial businesses and organisations have decided to switch from bottled water over to the bottle-less option for water dispensers each day. More companies are enjoying these bottle-free varieties because they are very cost effective all while being much better for the environment. These water coolers can also contribute greatly to the safety and overall health and wellness of the employees who work for the company and are much more convenient to use than your typical bottle-fed water cooler.

There are many key advantages when it comes to going with a bottle-less option for your company's water cooler. You will be provided with unlimited purified drinking water which means that you will have all of the purified water accessible to the people in your office for a low monthly price. It is much more economical to use this type and more businesses have experienced average savings of up to 60 per cent on the cost of water delivery. No more bottles means no more deliveries or clutter from the full or empty large five gallon bottles that always had to be stored away and it is much better for the environment overall which helps to greatly decrease your company's carbon footprint.

The mains-fed water cooler eliminates the need for bulky, plastic bottles - previously used in bottle-fed water coolers. This article examines what water cooler companies are doing to help protect the environment.