Viva paper towels and Bounty Paper Towels have always gone head to head, from the time commercial paper towels existed in the market. For ladies who made homemaking their full time career, paper towels have become a necessity in doing the hard work of keeping up a home. Cleaning the home is no easy task, and for the obsessive-compulsive homeowner, the use of various cleansing agents and polishes is an usual sight in the cleaning arsenal. The only issue is such cleaning agents call for "soft cloth" material for application, and a thing that can endure recurring soiling and re-use. The introduction of paper towels for instance Viva Paper Towels and Bounty Paper Towels removes the need to constantly launder towels, given that these are generally disposable.

Viva paper towels facts

Before delving into the aspects let us quickly talk over the Viva paper towels history. Viva is a trademark term of a variety of paper-based products, for example facial/bathroom tissues, diapers and paper towels. Viva, along with Cottonelle and Huggies, are the generalized trademark of Kleenex which is part of a bigger company and trademark of Kimberly-Clark Worldwide Inc. Viva Paper Towels and other brands by Kleenex are produced in 30 countries and sold in more than 170 countries worldwide.

Before the first Viva paper towel was actually introduced, the brand's proprietary eponym (Kleenex) was producing a cloth-like material known as "Cheesecloth UGG"; a substitute gas mask filter as a substitute for cotton during World War II, and were also used as surgical dressings during the war. The cloth-like derivative created by Kleenex was later used as the principal component of the present-day Viva Paper towels. Since then, Viva Paper towels made name for itself as the reputable paper towel that we know today.

Viva paper towels information and facts

Viva Paper Towel Style:

Viva paper towels in its simplicity are perhaps the perfect example of versatility and purpose. It doesn't appear extremely fancy, but it gets the work done without the extra hassles of repetitive wiping.

The only minor drawback however in some of its products (depending on the quantity) is that it gives off a slight odor that might appear to be coming from the cardboard reel from which the paper towels are wrapped. Needless to say, it isn't really much of an issue for many who patronize Viva paper towels. The simple design of Viva paper towels is also pretty sensible, given that the company focused more of their efforts in enhancing quality rather than physical aesthetic. Although there are highly designed packages available on the market, most of these do the same job as some other paper towels, and cost a lot more than regular ones.

Viva Paper Towel Quality

Paper towels by Viva are twice as thick as conventional paper towels in the market. Viva Paper towels are supple as well as soft to touch, but at the same time they're also flexible and don't tear easily. Although these paper towels are heavy duty and to be used for cleaning up spills on various surfaces, they aren't hard enough to be irritating to the skin.

Viva paper towels price

Typically, Viva paper towels sell for about $2.5 - $3 for a single roll. Buying bulk towel packages will cost significantly less expensive than buying individual rolls. An eight-roll package Viva paper towel will certainly sell for about $7.5 - $8. Compared to other brand names, Viva is a bit pricier as compared to other brands. Nevertheless, with Viva, you can be pretty sure that you'll be spending money on quality as well as quantity.

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