20, August 2015: “Let it go” may be what people always want to do but can’t do. But Airwheel teaches people to truly “let it go”. “Let it go” means set people free from the annoyances. In modern city transport, how many people are trapped in the city transport and the traffic problems like traffic jam and huge crowds making people “can’t let it go”? Airwheel X5 intelligent self-balancing scooters are the transport vehicles which truly set free the people from the restrictions by body and traffic.


Airwheel X5 are the electric unicycles which are the most portable model in Airwheel family. With only one wheel, the Airwheel X5 have the small size and light weight which enable riders to take it anywhere. But the strong performances of Airwheel X5 intelligent scooters are guaranteed by the top-quality vehicle parts like Sony Li-on battery cores and the powerful and efficient motor. The built-in operating system offers riders the user-friendly control styles and comprehensive protection functions.

Being the most intelligent vehicles ever, Airwheel X5 make it possible to set free riders’ hands and keep the annoyances of city transport away. What riders of Airwheel X5 electric self-balancing scooters need to do is just “let it go”. Step on the pedals of Airwheel X5 and set free the hands. Tilt slightly towards different directions, and Airwheel X5 will move out immediately. Airwheel X5 keep riders away from the car lines and crowds; and they also offer the free riding experiences to riders. Free hands and free transport mean more comfortable and enjoyable city transport. Here Airwheel shows people the answer of how to “let it go” and what “let it go” means.


“Let it go” means keeping oneself away from the annoyances in city life. As the most powerful and portable model in Airwheel family, Airwheel X5 electric unicycles enable citizens to set free themselves from the traffic problems and body restrictions. Choose Airwheel, choose a better way of city transport.

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