09, July 2015: Has there ever been a time when your back was against the wall and you felt like the walls were caving in as if there was no escape? Just when you thought nothing could conquer the pain within your soul, a vibrant, melodic beat with the utmost pleasant vocals begins to speak into your conscious and gives you peace. That sound builds up your strength and happens to resonate from a highly regarded Afro-Pop/Reggae artist anxiously ready to fulfill your sanity with an array of talent and artistry. Born Janelia Adeyinka McNair, this divine queen known to her fans as JaneliaSoul, connects you with her passion, love and desire with her timeless music.


With her West African roots, JaneliaSoul blends in the eccentric sounds from the motherland with American seasoning. Never was it easy growing up in crime-riddled streets of Nigeria, but this is the starting point of where a star was soon discovered. Making her breakthrough with her first album “I Am African” back in 2008, JaneliaSoul became an underground sensation. After reaching much deserved stardom in her homeland, JaneliaSoul was a victim of a series of life-threatening events, such as robberies and shootings by local gangs. It wasn’t long before JaneliaSoul decided to return to Baltimore, Maryland to pursue safety and her dreams. Today she is now a proud alumna from Morgan State University, where she was the elected president of the International Students Association and graduated with a Bachelors in Arts and is signed to Ellipse Group Records. Being heavily influenced from musical pioneers such as Bob Marley, Sade and Miriam Makeba, JaneliaSoul’s presence provides a bright future to place her name amongst the greats. With over 10 years of musical experience under her belt, JaneliaSoul brings AfroPop-Reggae to the musical culture. This sound is like no other, yet funky. Her versatility of singing and songwriting places JaneliaSoul above the pinnacles, bringing her self-proclaimed genre into a new existence of greatness. Not only can she deliver you her pain, triumphs and upbringing in English, but also in Yoruba and Nigerian Pidgin. Connect with someone that paints an image that impacts music, her respected communities and of course YOU!

Her songs “Sexy Nana” and “Bakassi” have already been making noise on Nigerian and African Diaspora airwaves. Janelia stands firm as a humanitarian, working on social and economical issues within her native country. Unselfish acts such as organizing a benefit concert with her band (Noted as JaneliaSoul) back in May 2014 for over 200+ Chibok school girls kidnapped by Boko Haram, raising funds for various charities and actively donating portions of her earnings to such charities like Kelechi’s Benefit Concert makes her a significant figure with or without the fame. She strives to uplift and inspire people and that she will do effortlessly.

How did JaneliaSoul overcome these hardships? One word simply, triumph. Ironically, this is the name of her latest EP that was just released on May 25, 2015 and has helped advance JaneliaSoul to Believe Digital’s top 5 streaming artists. She will soon be featured in over 10 magazines including Vents and Skope Magazine, later this month and was just featured on Examiner.com in an article titled “Janelia Is More Than Music” (link below) written by LA Virgil-Maldonado. JaneliaSoul wants to bring her fans her vision of the let downs she has encountered, transforming it into a positive art form through her music. You can find her EP “Triumph” and her single also called “Triumph” in over 248 markets globally including: iTunes, Spotify and Amazon. JaneliaSoul is the beholder of a new sound sure to garner the industry’s attention. Her musical kitchen guarantees that you will leave out full with joy, positive vibes and the motivation you’ve been emphatic for. So what are you waiting on! Bow down to the new Queen of AfroPop-Reggae! Here’s everything you need to stay connected with JaneliaSoul’s next big move!

For Media Contact:
Contact: Zaire J. Mathis, Publicist
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(800) 996-4457, Ext. 213
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Music Download link: bit.ly/1d69gNJ
Website: http://www.janeliasoul.com/
EPK: http://artistecard.com/janelia
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Janeliasoul
IG: https://instagram.com/janeliasoul/