A new free thesaurus app available for free download is getting rave reviews from writers of all types.


Most writers know the value of a good thesaurus. The ability to find and pick the most effective words with ease to get your ideas across can help writers with any creative work. There is now an effective tool any writer can use to boost creativity and produce higher quality writing.

“I originally designed this software for my own personal use and only gave it out to a few people in the copywriting field to use for advertising. The feedback was so good I decided to release it to all writers” says Jesse Gilbert, the creator of the software.

Already reviews on the download page http://www.jessegilbert.com/keywordmetrics are showing that writers using it for a variety of disciplines are loving the ease of use and expansive choice of words available when compared with other free thesaurus resources.

Among the comments posted are:

“This software is just awesome. I am a writer and always look up for new words to be used in my articles and this software helps me generate great synonyms which can be generated from easy to difficult words. I can generate easy and light synonyms from it and can also get professional words by raising up its level. It not only provides me synonyms for only one word used but this software also provides me synonyms for 10 words maximum at a time which is a great help to me. Really helpful software for me and any writer.”

“I love love LOVE this software! It is simply perfect for anybody, writer or no writer, that has to write a project in Microsoft Word. I found it highly useful for academic essays, where the person writing the piece has to use a specific type of language. As one of my teachers puts it, “you can’t use ‘like’, ‘love’ or ‘means’ because this type of words have no business being in academic works”. I recommend this software to anybody looking to write an impressive piece of work. In the academic world, words can make or break your grade.”

Songwriters and copywriters are also putting it to good use.

Whatever topic is being written about, Keyword Metrics helps.

Visit http://www.jessegilbert.com/keywordmetrics to download it today.