What is the common earphones and headset in our daily life?

USA — If you want know the first step about the purchasing for the suitable headphones, the earphone from California will tell you about the basic problems of the type of the headphones. When we went to the headphone shop to buy headphone such as the beats by dre, we would tell the clerk about what we want to buy. But in fact we may want to but one set of ear headphones better soundproof ability. So we need more information about the type of the headphone in the market. When it comes to the classification of the mainstream of the headphones, it can be divided into the non-ear headphones, ear headphones, headsets and so on.

Today, the best online seller would tell you the the characteristics about these types of headphones.
If you want to know which product is the popular product in the earplugs, then we should say that it is surely the ear headphones. From the entry-level product which price is tens of dollars to HiFi earplugs and stage listening ear plugs which price is about more than thousand of RMB, product line of the ear earplugs such as the monster beats by dre is very long.

The characteristics of the ear Earphones are that the sound of the unit through a catheter transmitted to the eardrum and the whole process is completely closed. This kind of way would reduce the loss of sound during the transmission to our ear and the special shape of the catheter pouches would fill with pierced ears and play the effect of non-noise. In a word, this kind of earphone such as the beats by dre headphones could allow users to get much sonic details.
Although the ear earphones it the most popular product nowadays, many of my friends¡¯ contacting with earplugs are from the non-ear earphones.

As we all know, the non-ear headphones such the cheap beats by dre will directly corresponds sound unit to pierced ears. We can also understand that our ear has directly attached to the audio speaker but the earplugs have small speaker. The advantage of this structure is that the sound is more natural and more comfortable to wear. For the user who has the smaller ears, this kind of earphones such as the beats by dr dre headphones would be suitable for them.

The headset can be regarded as the originator of modern headphones. As we all know, the world’s first dynamic headphones had used the headset architecture. The headset such as the beat dr dre can be divided into many types such as the folding type, full-face, closed type, open type and many other types. Compared to the earplug, the headset has applied with the non-ear design and it would be more comfortable for us to wear. Under normal circumstances, the same price headset has better sound performance than the earplugs. Of course, the shortcoming of the headset is the bad portability even for the folding headphones.

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