Shanghai - The professional soccer shoes fans should know the natural feet technology and the asymmetrical lace design. However, most of them should not know the history about these technologies. Today, the expert from website would help the football shoes lovers know more about these two technologies.

In 1998, in order to meet the 98 World Cup, the famous Adidas enterprise had launched one series of famous cheap soccer cleats which have called the Accelerator soccer shoes. In this pair of shoes, the Adidas had first time introduced the rage of natural feet technology. On the other hand, this company had also applied the while also the first use asymmetrical lace design. These two technologies have become the most popular trend so far.

The purpose of the natural feet technology is to make the wearer feel comfortable when they are cheap soccer cleats wearing this kind of top soccer cleats. All of football shoes which have applied this kind f natural feet technology would make people¡¯s feet have the feeling of directly contacting with the ground. This is actually a outsole technology which there are only a few points of the sole. However, this natural feet technology was not first developed and researched by the company of Adidas. On the other hand, it has been developped by another company. But, Adidas was dissatisfied with the high cost which had been brought by natural feet technology so natural feet Series football shoes have eventually stopped to be produced.

On the other hand, the Asymmetrical lacing method is that the tilt design could be applied in the front foot and design in the rear has applied the straight design. The front tilting design could let the direction of the force to lace be parallel to the heel and the toe angle. The purpose of this kind of design is to make the force of forefoot and shoes become consistent. Frankly speaking, it could also increase the synchronization between shoes and feet.

On the other hand, the flat design of the instep could ensure perfect fitting between the vamp and instep. This entirely soccer cleats consistent could be fully integrated with the foot force which could ensure the flexibility of the foot but also it could ensure the effectively forcing of foot can. This technique has been using so far now on.

However, there are also many other kinds of technologies of cheap soccer cleats. The development of technology should be relied on the need of people who like football and the professional football players. If people want to buy soccer cleats, please browse the website

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